Saturday, October 1, 2011

How do you acquire a taste for beer?

I dont drink beer, but everywhere i go i have to not drink at all because i cannot stand the taste of beer. What is the easiest way?|||I think beer is like coffee - you either like it or you don't. It tends to be bitter, and it will definitely bloat you. But for experimentation purposes, you may want to go to a microbrewery and try some of the fruity beers, or even chocolate and vanilla. Tell the bartender you want to try "sweeter" beers and they'll know just what you're looking for.

If you don't have access to a microbrewery, John Adams makes some sweet beers, I know in the summer they do a raspberry one, and Blue Moon makes a light beer that is served with a lemon or orange slice. That one is nice and refreshing.

Some bars, especially microbreweries, will do a "sampler" tray where they have special small glasses that come on a tray, with samples of beer. Just clear your palate with water or bread or something in between glasses.

Beer must be served as cold as possible. If you're getting a draft, try to get it in a frosted glass.

Beer pairs up really well with certain foods. For example, pizza, wings, burgers.... I wouldn't want to drink it with something like chicken soup or a tuna sandwich. If you pair it with the wrong food, both the food and the beer, will taste awful to you.

The malts, like Smirnoff's Twisters, are a good alternative. They are light, fruity and refreshing, with a low alcohol content. They come in many flavors.

I'm not a huge beer person but when it's served, like at BBQs or watching a game at someone's house, I do best with Coors Light, really ice cold, and I enjoy the raspberry and blueberry beers, plus Blue Moon.

Happy hunting!|||honestly, beer is an acquired taste. if you don't force the first 10 or so down, you'll never like it!|||well I wouldnt force myself to drink beer, but if you must then start with a very light beer, or maybe a chocolate or fruit flavored micro-brew.|||start with a hard cider, like woodchuck or woodpecker, they taste like a cross between apple cider and beer.|||Don't bother. It is not worth it and makes you bloated (at best) or fat! Try something else or stick to smoothies!|||I find that beer is much like tea, chala, or even coffee - you do have to work your way into it.

I myself am a beer nut. I love different brews from diferent regions and there is alot of great stuff out there.

Domestic stuff like Bud, Coors, Miller are pretty watery tasting and pale in comparison to microbrews or imports.

I would maybe start with a pale ale or light lager from New Belgium, Goose Island, Amstel or something like that - but the best advice ever is to experment, try different types. There is a ton of it out there!

Cheers!|||You don't ... You either LOVE it or HATE it !!!

Drink something else instead , there are Malt Alcoholized drinks out there that have a better taste , wine coolers , alcohol drinks that taste like lemonade etc.... Don't FORCE yourself to have to drink the stuff...

Good luck to ya !|||start with good beer. don't try and start with piss water like miller lite or bud light. go get you a well poured pint of guinness. its a little bitter at first but think of it as a lovely glass of chocolate milk. its cool and refreshing and according to the posters is actually good for you too.... if the first one doesn't work try three more. i promise by the sixth guinness you'll wonder this magical drink has been all your life. bottoms up!!|||well honey there is no easy way. you just have to suck it up and drink and after a while you will start to like it. and honestly after the first or second one in a single sitting it's not so bad|||you have to find one that you like. i prefer budweiser select. great taste and doesnt have that awful after-taste|||I used to hate the taste of beer too, but i always drank it anyways (to get drunk socially). I found some brands of both lager and beer that i like such as Corona (only with lime), Harp, and Samuel Adams. Try different types.

If you still find beer gross, just get a bottle of some

Schnapps or something.|||bring your own drink or hang out with people who drink better beer they make fruit beer or wheat beer that taste much better then all the piss tasting light beers out there|||Practice, lots of practice!|||start out by putting ice cubes in your glass it's an acquired taste. Everybody will pick on you at first|||shotgun 2 or 3 beers in a row. turn a can upside down, put a hole in the side at the bottom, put the hole to your mouth, turn the can right side up, and open the top (pop the tab) swallow as fast as you can. after 2 or 3 of these, sipping on a beer will be child's play|||If you're drinking lager, a dash of blackcurrant or lime cordial will make it a lot easier to drink until you get used to the taste.

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